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KIMS Hospital Recruitment

The KIMS Hospital Recruitment Team asked me to create a new advertising campaign for their latest recruitment drive.

They specifically wanted to use real employees at the hospital as case studies to give the campaign a genuine sense of personal pride, work-life balance and job satisfaction gained by working at KIMS Hospital.

Your next chapter.

I interviewed several staff members about how and when they joined KIMS Hospital and what specifically did they enjoy most about working there.

I then told their story in a series of ads highlighting a key element from the interviews and combined with a portrait shot in black and white to give it maximum impact.

Real people, real stories.

I arranged with Clear Channel, who own vast numbers of bus stop and billboards across the UK, to strategically position the advertising at bus shelters.

We positioned the campaign to run too and from the routes of various Kent hospitals in order to gain the most exposure. The pictures below are a result of me driving around these routes and stopping to take a quick snap!

A video was also created for the campaign and promoted on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

The success was remarkable with KIMS Hospital receiving double their expecting inquiries in just the campaign’s first week alone!

“Matt is extremely responsive to all artwork requests and briefs. His design has always been creative, eye-catching, and targeted at the correct audiences.”

Suzanne Stevens, Recruitment Manager, KIMS Hospital

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